Do I need a prescription to be able to get bras and forms?

Getting a prescription from your Oncologist, Primary Care Physician, and other types of doctors. It is helpful to us when you get a prescription ahead of time or have them fax one to us, so that we have a diagnosis code and the referring physician's most up to date contact info. Once you have a prescription, it is valid for one whole year. So, even if you are not planning on coming to see us any time soon, go ahead and get one when you are at your doctor's office so that you have it when you're ready. If you prefer they fax us one from their office, our fax number is 910-332-0671

Will my insurance cover my bras and breast forms?

We are in network with Medicaid, Medicare, BCBS, Wellcare, Amerihealth, Carolina Complete, Healthy Blue, Humana and Tricare for Life, and some other Insurance companies. We check your insurance to determine how much your policy will cover.

How many bras and breast forms can I get?

Each insurance company allows for a different amount of Bras. For instance, with most Medicare plans, a person can get up to 6 bras every 6 months. 1 breast form per affected side every 2 years. In order for us to be able to determine how many bras and breast forms you are allowed, we need to check your insurance.

Can't I just wear a sports bra since it has pockets for my breast form?

Off the shelf sports bras do have pockets, but the pockets are not designed to hold a breast form. Mastectomy bras come in all styles and sizes, and the companies who make the mastectomy bras use optimal fabric to keep the chest wall cool, and to hold the breast form over longer periods of time without the form slipping out of place.

What brands of bras and forms can I get at your store?

We have accounts with Amoena, American Breast Care, Trulife, Jodee, and Glamorize. If there is a different company you would like for us to order from, we are more than willing to try to get an account with that company.

How does the process of getting the bras and forms that I need work?

You would come to your appointment and fill out paperwork that we need in order to bill your insurance. At the appointment, we measure your bra size and form size. We then help you choose which styles of bras and form would best fit your lifestyle and order them for you. When we get all the paperwork done, and your items have arrived, we will then schedule another appointment for you to come and try everything on once more. At this appointment, you will sign a delivery receipt and pay any portion of the cost that your insurance does not cover.

Can I get more bras than my insurance will allow?

You can. We charge a flat rate of $50 cash price for bras. We would need you to sign an “Advanced Beneficiary Notice” in order to allow for you to buy bras cash price.

How do I set up an appointment?

You can fill out the appointment form here on our website, or call us 910-332-0179.

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